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Please note:-

we have only 24-hour stay available and we provide only 24-hour maid So please don’t put the requirement for part time or 4 hrs 8 hrs 10 hrs 12 hrs

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we provide only 24-hour maid so only in Mumbai do we have all types like 8 hours, 10 hours, 12-hour maid

My Happy Maid Service is a tech-enabled and trusted platform for all your household help needs.

All the household services, hiring a Housemaid or a Servant, Babysitter, Nanny or Japa maid, Cook, Elderly care, or Patient care we provide solutions for all your needs. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

we are the fastest growing and leading Maid Service Agency in India Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

Our Maid Service is available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and all cities of India. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

Best Maid Service Agency Of India Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

Using My Happy Maid you will definitely find the best domestic helper to ease your life. With us, you can find the right maid, domestic help, housemaids, cooks, caretakers, ayahs, peons, nurses, ward boys, babysitters, elderly caretakers, and any domestic help you are looking for. My Happy Maid has been offering maid service in India for 11 years. Being the best maid agency in India, we offer 24-hours Living maid service across Indian cities. Through the experience of our Customer Care Executive, My Happy Maid helps you find the Maid Servants as per your requirement. We are a Part Of Jhanvi Jobs Private Limited company, our Customer Care Executive staff assists people from India to find a solution for their home assistance needs. Using our maid services people can search for home maids across any Indian city Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

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The housemaid can take good care of your house from cleaning your house, as well to taking care of your food and kitchen and also there are many other household chores that a housemaid does

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An Elderly Caretaker who takes care of the elderly member of the household and serves medicines and food on time also performs the task of bathing and walking the elderly

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A cook who is an expert in cooking food well, if at home then many problems of the house are solved, we get less sick due to good food, and many more which are beneficial.

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The child caretaker who takes care of the child, their only job is to take care of the child, it is their responsibility to take care of our child like us, that’s why we keep the baby caretaker.

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My happy maid

Why Maid Service

Nowadays it seems that everyone is so busy with chores, dealing with kids, running kids around at sporting events and extra-curricular exercises that the time for cleaning the house has run out. Assuming that your home is a wreck because you lack the opportunity and energy to clean it or have no desire to clean it, perhaps you should call a housemaid service provider. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

A house maid will be dispatched if needed to clean your house and keep it clean. Cleaning systems are there to make your life easier. Now that there are so many tasks that you have to do in a day, you don’t need to insist on having a house maid. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

“Some such questions that may come in your mind while searching for maid servant”

What is Mad Services FAQ

maid agency best house maid services in mumbai – my happy maid

To understand in detail what kind of services Mad Services provide, it is necessary to have a FAQ, you are now reading FAQ to get information about MY HAPPY MAID, we say, Hire Maid from us, but we Who are they or what kind of service do they provide?

How much do you charge for providing a maid?

Our Charges
₹ 1250 1st time Registration charge + “Equal for one month’s salary”
For example, 
if the salary of the maid is fixed at 25 thousand per month, then the service charge of the company will be 25,000 + 1,250 = 26250.

What is the salary provision?

Non Professional
24/7 Hours Living Candidate
₹ 22,000+  Cleaning Only
 25,000+ Basic Cooking Only
₹ 25,000+ Baby Care
₹ 30,000+ Cleaning + Baby Care
 ₹ 30,000+ Basic Cooking + Baby Care
₹ 28,000+ Basic Cooking + Cleaning
₹ 40,000+ Twins Baby Care
24/7 Hours Living Candidate
₹ 30,000+ professional Cooking (Male)
₹ 30,000+ professional Cooking (Female)
₹ 30,000+ Newborn baby care
₹ 30,000+Elderly care or Patient care Only
₹ 35,000+ English speaking nanny
₹ 35,000+ Japamaid

How to find maids in Mumbai?

You don’t need to search for maid servant, you just have to share your thoughts with MY HAPPY MAID, what kind of maid or servant are you looking for, MYHAPPYMAID will find maid for you

What Kind of Maid Service?

You can choose from several house maids who you need for your household chores, and how often you need to call them. Some people only call a maid or servant once a day for all their work. Some people keep many servants and maidservants in their house. There are also those who employ servants to come constantly to make sure that their house is consistently complete. And many people keep the servant maid at their house for 24 hours. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

Is your service only 24-hour job servants provide?

If you live in a small house, you may not need a 24-hour servant maid, considering that you have such a large number of homeowners in a small house, we have rounded up a few selected cities. I have started providing part time maid servants, who can perform their responsibilities properly. Larger homes usually require at least two housemaids to be handled properly. Hire Maid From My Happy Maid

Why a Maid Service Provider

You can hire people who are looking for the position of house maid, but you know nothing about her, seems strange to outsiders in your house, you may not even know much about her, but Trying is necessary. Or you use a maid service provider to hire a maid, you can get good maid or servant, the servant maid will do the job correctly. hire a maid from my happy maid

Why pay service charge

A skilled maid will also do a better job than someone you can hire to manage your household alone. Whenever a candidate applies to work for a House Made Service Provider they have to go through an instructional class to find out how to work at home in a proper way.
Most house maid service providers expect you to pay them and they pay their representatives. hire a maid from my happy maid

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